After online registration has been completed, the following paperwork must to be submitted at Paperwork Collection Night: (pay special attention to the highlights areas on the attached forms, incomplete forms will be rejected by the Hockomock League).  

** Players will not be given equipment or allowed to begin practice until all paperwork is completed  **

Football players must attend Paperwork Collection night so that they can be weighed in.

  1. Original Birth Certificate (required for new players and players this did NOT play last year)
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate (required for new players and players this did NOT play last year)
  3. Completed and signed 2017 Participant Contract/Parental Consent Form
  4. Completed 2017 Physical Fitness/Medical History Form (Please note this form has 2 pages/sections) 
    • Section I MUST be completed/signed by the parent/guardian
    • Section II MUST be completed and signed by your physician and dated AFTER January 1, 2017 OR alternatively Section II can be substituted with the appropriate physician's form which also MUST be signed and dated AFTER January 1, 2017)
  5. 2 Copies of the final2017 Report Card (must include ALL terms of the 2016/2017 school year)
    • ​​There will be a second Paperwork Collection night after the end of school year to collect report cards




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2017 Pricing

1st child = $215
2nd child = $180
3rd child = $105

Family max of $500




2017 Registration for football & cheer will be open from April 1-15.  We have a few changes to the process this year to help us manage the program better.  When we open registration, you must register early to ensure a spot.  See below, Registration Changes/Highlights to help answer some anticipated questions.

Mansfield Pop Warner Football & Cheer
PO Box 92 
Mansfield, MA 02048

Registration Changes/Highlights

Why is online registration only open for 2 weeks?  

We need to have kids registered early so that the # of teams/sqauds can be identified for both football and cheer, coaching staffs can be formed, and coaches can be properly trained well in advance of the start of season.    The past few years, we have had to scramble for coaching staffs in late July due to late registrations.  We will not allow this anymore.

Why does my child need to register by age for cheer?  We need to get an accurate baseline for the proper levels and sizes of squads.

Why are there limited spots available?  
Pop Warner has minimum and maximum team/squad sizes.  Given the # of kids in our town is shrinking , we anticipate 1 team/squad per level this year.  In years past, having 2 or more teams per level allowed us to flexibility to absorb late registrations and that is no longer the case.

What is the wait list and why do we need one?  
Because we anticipate 1 team/squad per level for football and cheer and a min/max team sizes exist, once we reach our limit, we can’t 100% guarantee a spot for your child.  However, we absolutely want your child to participate and the wait list allows us to identify an issue and provide us ample time to attempt to address the issue to get your child participating.

Why does my child need to be weighed in April/May?   
We need to get an accurate baseline for all football players to identify the proper level  or to determine if they are on the ‘bubble’ between levels.  All kids, including those on the wait list, are expected to attend 1 weigh in, else risk losing their spot to someone on the wait list.

My child is on the wait list, when will I know if he/she can partipate?  
We want to have the number of teams identified in May, so this is the timeframe we are expecting to inform you. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

My child isn’t due for a physical until a later date in the season.

Answer:  Your physician may provide a letter signed/dated AFTER January 1, 2017 clearing your child to participate in sport activities

Why do new players or players that did not play in the previous year need an original birth certificate and a copy?
Answer:  The Hockomock League certifies each player, every single year.  For new players it will verify the orginal birth certificate and certify the copy.  This certified copy will be saved by Mansfield Pop Warner for the next year.  The League needs to ensure that players are the correct age to play in the correct division.  Age/Weight limits are strictly enforced for safety reasons. 

Will I get my original birth certificate back? 
Answer: Your original birth certificate will be returned to you at the end of the season when the child has returned his/her equipment. 

Why is a report card necessary?
Answer:  Mansfield Pop Warner is a member of Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc and as such it requires its participants to perform adequately in the classroom before permitting them to play. 

Why do I need to provide 2 copies of the report card?
Answer:  One copy will be placed in the team book that is certified by the Hockomock League.  The other copy is used by our scholastic coordinator to determine eligiblty for National Pop Warner All-American Scholar status. 

What is the refund policy
Answer:  Refunds are available upon written request until July 15, 2017. After this date, NO REFUNDS will be given.  There is a $25.00 processing fee that will be retained from your refund.